Shipping costs and times

This is a brief overview of the most important facts regarding shipping costs, lead times
and insurance.

Quick and fully insured shipping

Shipping of individually produced labels and patches is done workdays by DHL Express and includes full insurance and online tracking. Shipping to the UK within 24 hours and to all US destinations within 24 (UK) or 48/72 (USA) hours including customs handling and all other fees. For the rates to your country, please refer to the "International shipping costs and lead times" table below.

Note: If you have purchased ready shop items (such as size labels) only, the delivery is free of shipping costs for entire Europe and the USA.

International shipping costs and lead times

CountryPriceLead time (days)
Australia 28.00 €3-4
Belgique 8.90 €1
Bulgaria 9.40 €2-3
Canada 12.90 €1-3
Czech Republic 10.90 €2-4
Danmark 9.80 €2-4
Deutschland 8.60 €1
Espana 8.90 €1-2
France 8.90 €1
Greece 8.90 €2-4
Hungary 9.40 €2-3
Ireland 9.80 €1-3
Italia 6.90 €1
Liechtenstein 8.90 €1-2
Luxembourg 8.90 €1-2
Monaco 8.90 €1-2
Nederland 8.90 €1
Norge 18.90 €2-4
Oesterreich 8.90 €1
Polska 9.90 €2-4
Portugal 8.90 €1-3
Russia 15.80 €2-4
Schweiz 19.50 €1-2
Slovenija 9.40 €2-3
Sweden 9.80 €2-4
United Kingdom 8.90 €1
United States 9.00 €2-3

All other countries: 25.00 €
Customs handling for non-EU countries included. All prices are net prices.

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Entirely woven patches in HD quality

Woven patches are the much better choice than e.g. embroidered ones. They offer a considerably higher level of details and a lower price per piece. All shapes, backings and edgings (also overlock stitching) can be produced.

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Configure your individual patches

In any shape - upload a file or design them online
Normal: approx. 20 days, Express: approx. 10 days

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