Rules of the thumb for the design
of a woven or printed fabric label

Design rules for woven labels

The golden rule: print it first!

If all elements of the label artwork are well legible on a printout in the real label size, they will also be legible on the woven or printed fabric label. A laser print gets quite close to the woven or printed result.

More rules

- Letterings should have a minimum height of 1.5 mm (measure the lower
  case letters).

- For woven labels, avoid a narrow charcater spacing of small letterings.

- Letterings that are made of handwriting or italic style fonts should have a
  minimum height of 2 mm (measure the lower case letters).

- The distance of graphic elements to the label borders should be at least 1.5 mm.
   In case of a thermo- or self-adhesive backing or a laser cuttuíng, the distance must
   be at least 3, rather 4 mm.

- The distance of graphic elements to a possible fold should be at least 2 mm
  on each side.

- Gradients and shadows are not reproducible.


A tip: Remember good design principles

For a woven label the same design principles apply as for any other artwork or logo. A good design is simple and reduced to what shall be noticed, it uses maximum 2 font types and it leaves enough space arround graphic elements to have them take effect.

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Printed fabric labels in satin or paper-like cotton

Printed polyester-satin or cotton (paper-like) labels are the professional, yet low-priced solution for simpler labellings such as washing instructions, care sybols, origin, material or size indications etc.

Very low prices per piece even at large dimensions and high professional printing of any layout you want on latest generation machinery in all 1,300 Pantone Coated colours.

You may want to check the legibility by printing the labels ou on your laser or high res. inkjet printer.

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