Split labels – up to 6 variants at the same price

With the introduction of the "Split labels" option labelpartners have created a unique possibility to order the same label in different variants. You can order upo to 6 variants of the same label at the price of one single label. Those variants can be size or materail indications or other slight differences.


  1. The minimum order per variant is 500 pcs, so for example, if you want to have 4 different size indications on the same label, you would need to order 2,000 pieces. You will then pay the price of 2,000 pieces of one single label.
  2. The variations must be exiguous. Exiguous variations regularly are size indications (e.g. S, M, L...) or material indications (e.g. 100% cotton, 100% silk...).
    Examples of non exiguous variations are logos or letterings in different font types or styles, colour changes or even alternations of the label dimensions, because they will need a completely new weaving matrix / print repro and a new machine run.
  3. If you upload a file for your label, we will need one additional file per variant or some precise description of the differing details, if necessary including font names etc.. The additional files may be sent by email to info@labelpartners.com, the descriptions maybe be entered in the "remarks" field while configuring your woven label.
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